Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), disability alone does not qualify a person to ride the ParaTransit system. A person must be functionally unable to use the fixed-route regular Bee-Line service. 

ParaTransit service is provided to the following three general groups of persons with disabilities:

  • Persons who have specific impairment-related conditions which make it impossible — not just difficult — to travel to or from the bus stop.

  • Persons who need a wheelchair lift-equipped bus, but it is not available on the fixed-route when they need to travel.

  • Persons who are unable to board, ride or exit from the regular Bee-Line buses even if they are able to get to a bus stop and the bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift.

For further explanation, contact Evan Latainer, Director of the Office for People with Disabilities and Westchester County ADA Coordinator, by e-mail at  or go to Contact Us.