Medical home care services are designed to insure the health and safety of elderly, infirmed, or disabled individuals by providing a range of home-based services. Medicaid Managed Care is a comprehensive prepaid health services program providing quality health care to individuals eligible for public assistance and Medicaid.

Support Services include numerous veterans’ disability compensation and pension benefits, guide dog assistance and medical assistance, services, and managed care (SSI). Supplemental Security Income is a federal assistance program for the aged (65 and over), blind and disabled which is administered through local Social Security Offices.  Also, if you know of, or care for someone with developmental disabilities, there are numerous county resources available to assist with daily activities.

NY Connects Choices in Long Term Care
NY Connects means choices for long-term care. This state program offers a 24-hour help line for assistance with related questions.

Special Needs Registry
Consider registering with the Special Needs Registry if you might require assistance leaving your home during an emergency. The registry is for individuals with physical or mental disabilities who live on their own.

Medical/Home Care Services
Medical Assistance is help for people who cannot afford to pay for all of their medical care.

Medicaid Managed Care
Information on Medicaid Managed Care and related links.

Developmental Disabilities
The Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health works cooperatively with agencies in the county to develop programs to insure that high quality services are available to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Domestic Violence and Person with a Disability
This office works with the Office for Women to provide information, support and safety planning for disabled men and women with a disability who have an abusive intimate partner or personal care provider. Women with disabilities have the the same, or higher, incidence of domestic violence as all women.

Autism Information
Autism  is the largest growing developmental disability in in both Westchester County and the nation. Learn more about autism and special services developed to help both you and your child.

Veterans’ Disability Benefits
Find out about the many benefits offered for veterans with a disability such as compensation and improved pensions, as well as home loans, clothing allowance or automobile assistance.