ParaTransit service is designed to serve only those individuals whose disability prevents them from using public transportation. Read Who Can Apply for ParaTransit to be sure the individual applying can do so. If he or she does qualify, then as a prospective applicant proceed to the application process:

ParaTransit Interviews
Until further notice, there will be no in-person interviews for ParaTransit.

Please mail all applications to:
148 Martine Ave. Rm 102
White Plains, NY 10601

All applications will be reviewed and if needed, a follow up phone call will be made for clarifications in order to process in a timely fashion. *For further information please call: 914-995-2959


Eligible applicant packet
When an applicant has been found eligible for Bee-Line ParaTransit, that person will receive a packet of materials providing:

  • information on how to make reservations
  • the rights and responsibilities of riders
  • how to make complaints and other important information.

Additional information to download, print and read:

The application process: Interviews are waived until further notice, but all other steps apply.
Upon completion of the application, you must must schedule an interview with the Office for People with Disabilities to review your application. Call (914) 995-2959. Please note:

  • Upon request, a ParaTransit ride will be provided free of charge to and from your interview only.
  • The applicant must bring all supporting documentation requested on the application form. You may also attach any other documentation you wish to have considered as part of the eligibility process.
  • You may receive assistance from other people in filling out the application. Any person providing assistance should be identified on the application form in the designated space.
  • Contact the Office for People with Disabilities at (914) 995-2960 or (914) 995-2959 for additional information.
  • Please make sure that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will delay the review process. If any information is not true or misrepresents the facts, the applicant will be found ineligible.

Determination of eligibility

  • The Office for People with Disabilities determines eligibility based principally on the application form and the information submitted with it.
  • An applicant must establish that he/she is at least 12 years of age and functionally unable to use regular Bee-Line transit.
  • An applicant may be required to provide additional information regarding his/her disability and his/her ability to independently use regular Bee-Line bus transit.
  • Failure to provide any requested information will be conclusively deemed a withdrawal of the ParaTransit application.

Travel assistance to interview

  • If someone requires the assistance of another person to be able to travel on ParaTransit, this person will be allowed to travel with them and will not be required to pay a fare.
  • However, this person must board and leave the vehicle at the same location as the ParaTransit registered person.
  • The fact that an attendant is required for travel must be indicated on the application or else any person accompanying the eligible person will be considered a friend or companion and will have to pay a fare.

Eligibility categories
All applicants for ADA ParaTransit eligibility will be informed of their eligibility status in writing within 21 business days of the date the completed application was filed with the Office for People with Disabilities. Each applicant deemed eligible for ParaTransit will be assigned to one of the three Eligibility Categories.

  • Conditional - Conditional eligibility will apply to individuals who are able to use regular Bee-Line transit service for some trips, but may require ParaTransit for other trips or in special circumstances. Eligibility for ParaTransit trips will be determined on a trip-by-trip basis and will be based on the individual’s functional ability to independently use regular Bee-Line buses for some trips or part of a particular trip.
  • Unconditional - Unconditional eligibility will apply to individuals who have been judged functionally unable to independently use regular Bee-Line service in any circumstance.
  • Temporary - Temporary eligibility will apply to individuals with temporary physical disabilities, or visually or cognitively impaired individuals who have not been “mobility trained”. Temporary eligibility lasts for the expected term of the disability, or until a visually or cognitively impaired individual has had an opportunity to become “mobility trained”, but in any event no longer than 12 months. After the 12-month period, individuals who were granted temporary eligibility must reapply and be reevaluated if they desire to continue using ParaTransit.