Yorktown Central School District
2729 Crompond Road
Yorktown Heights, New York 10598
Contact Person: Jeanne Farruggio, Interim Co-Director of Pupil Services, 
Grades 6 to 12
Michael Rosen, Interim Co-Director of Pupil Services,
Grades PreK to 5
Phone Number: (914) 243-8150
Fax Number: (914) 243-8154
Web address:  
Number of Yrs in Service:  
The mission of the Yorktown Central School District is to provide a comprehensive educational experience maximizing individual potential. We will achieve this by:
* Empowering students with the skills, knowledge, and values to become responsible, productive contributors to society.
*Ensuring a safe and nurturing environment that promotes higher level thinking, communication, and creativity.
*Challenging the learner to achieve personal excellence.
*Promoting respect for oneself and others, and the understanding of individual differences.
*Fostering open and ongoing communication among members of the Yorktown community.
*Hiring supportive staff who are passionate about learning, inspire students, and embrace this mission statement.
*Establishing and monitoring measurable goals 

 Disabilities Served:

Hearing Impaired x Visually Impaired x
Emotional / Psychiatric x Traumatic Brain Injured x
Developmental Disabilities x Physical Disabilities x
Learning Disabilities x Autism x
Medically Fragile x
Other Disabilities: Multiply Disabled, Deaf


Ages Served:

0 to 5   22 to 65  
5 to 21 x 65 and over  

Recreation Services Provided:

Arts x Team Sports x
Biking   Tennis x
Camps   Theater x
Dance   Videography  
Horseback Riding   Wheelchair Sports  
Martial Arts   Writing x
Music x Yoga  
Social x    
Swimming x    
Other Recreation: Instruction/activities are offered either as part of curriculum or as extra-curricular programs.


Education Services Provided:

Early Intervention   High School x
Pre-School   Post Secondary  
Elementary/Middle School x Pre-Vocational  
Professional   Assessments x
Other Education: Pre-school special education services are provided through the Westchester County Department of Health but coordinated through the Yorktown School District.


Transportation Services Provided:

Public   Travel Training  
Private x    
Other Transportation:


Housing Services Provided:

Group Homes   Supported Apartments  
Other Housing:


Legal / Support / Advocacy Services Provided:

Guardianship   Assessments  
Pooled Trusts   Disability Rights Advocacy  
Supplemental Needs Trust   Disability Support Groups x
School Advocacy   Sexuality Awareness Counseling  
Other Legal / Support / Advocacy Services: *The Yorktown Central School District has an active Special Education Parent/Teacher Association (SEPTA).

Medical Services Services Provided:

Clinical Services   Nutrition Counseling x
Dental   Psychiatric Psychological Services x
Adaptive Technology x Speech Therapy x
Occupational Therapy x Physical Therapy x
Other Medical Services: A registered nurse is available in each school building to address the following needs: medication administration according to doctor's orders, medical assessment, and screening as mandated by state law. School and sports physicals are mandated by state law and conducted by school physician.

Vocational Services Services Provided:

Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation * x Sheltered Employment  
Vocational Training *            x Supported Employment  
Pre-Vocational Training * x Competitive Employment  
Vocational Counseling x    
Other Vocational Services: *Vocational Education Evaluations are administrated through Putnam Westchester BOCES based upon need. High school students have access to technical and career education classes through the Tech Center at Yorktown, a Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES program.

Community Day Services Provided:                  

Day Habilitation   Drop In Centers  
Day Treatments   Psychosocial  
    Pre Employment  
    Supported Education