460 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
Phone Number: (212) 273-6182
Website: http://www.yai.org/
Years in Service: 50 years
Mission Statement: Our mission is to build brighter futures for people with developmental and learning disabilities and their families. We believe that each individual, at every age and level of ability, has the potential for growth and is entitled to the same dignity, respect and opportunities as all other members of society.

Disabilities Served

Deaf or/and Hard of Hearing
Developmental Disabilities
Emotional / Psychiatric
Learning Disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Medically Fragile
Traumatic Brain Injured
Traumatic Brain Injured

Ages Served

22 and older

Recreation Services


Education Services


Transportation Services

Other: *By local public school district.

Housing Services

Group Homes
Supported Apartments

Medical Services


Vocational Services

Pre-Vocational Training
Vocational Training
Competitive Employment
Supported Employment

Community Day Services


Legal / Support / Advocacy Services