Port Chester-Rye Brook Public Library
1 Haseco Avenue
Portchester, New York 10573

Contact Person: Robin Lettieri
Phone Number: (914) 939-6710
Fax Number: (914) 937-2580
Web address: 
Number of Yrs in Service: 140 years

The mission of the PC-RBPL, serving the Villages of Port Chester and Rye Brook, is to provide free access to information, materials, programs and technology to meet the educational, recreational and cultural needs and interests of our communities.

 Disabilities Served:

Hearing Impaired  x Visually Impaired x
Emotional / Psychiatric  x Traumatic Brain Injured  x
Developmental Disabilities  x Physical Disabilities  x
Learning Disabilities  x Autism  x
Medically Fragile  x
Other Disabilities: Any


Ages Served:

0 to 5 x 22 to 65 x
6 to 21 x 65 and over x

Recreation Services Provided:

Arts Team Sports
Biking  Tennis
Camps Theater
Dance Videography
Horseback Riding Wheelchair Sports
Martial Arts Writing
Music Yoga
Social Swimming
Other Recreation:


Education Services Provided:

Early Intervention x High School x
Pre-School x Post Secondary x
Elementary/Middle School x Pre-Vocational x
Professional x Assessments x
Other Education:


Transportation Services Provided:

Public Travel Training
Other Transportation:


Housing Services Provided:

Group Homes Supported Apartments
Other Housing:


Legal / Support / Advocacy Services Provided:

Guardianship Assessments
Pooled Trusts Disability Rights Advocacy
Supplemental Needs Trust Disability Support Groups
School Advocacy Sexuality Awareness Counseling
Other Legal / Support / Advocacy Services:

Medical Services Services Provided:

Clinical Services Nutrition Counseling
Dental Psychiatric Psychological Services
Adaptive Technology Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy
Other Medical Services:

Vocational Services Services Provided:

Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation Sheltered Employment
Vocational Training Supported Employment
Pre-Vocational Training Competitive Employment
Vocational Counseling
Other Vocational Services:

Community Day Services Provided:

Day Habilitation Drop In Centers
Day Treatments Psychosocial
Pre Employment
Supported Education