701 North Broadway
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
Contact Person: Eileen Egan
Phone Number: 914 366-3000
Fax Number: 914 366-1017
Website: https://phelps.northwell.edu/
Years in Service: 66 years
Mission Statement: Phelps Memorial Hospital Center is dedicated to: Improving the health in the community we serve Sustaining an environment of excellence where medical, social, and rehabilitative services are delivered safely, proficiently, efficiently, and effectively. Offering a broad range of preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and palliative services. Educating and assisting our community to achieve optimal health outcomes and quality of life. Striving to enhance the personal and professional excellence of our medical, nursing, paraprofessional, technical administrative, and support staff. Providing comprehensive care in a safe, modern environment where advanced medical techniques and effective management and planning are coupled with the strong Phelps tradition of courtesy and caring.

Disabilities Served

Emotional / Psychiatric

Ages Served

65 and older, 6 to 64

Recreation Services


Education Services

Other: *For patients enrolled in specific Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Programs.

Transportation Services

Other: *Transportation is provided for patients being admitted to the Behavioral Rehabilitation Unit (In Patient).

Housing Services


Medical Services

Nutrition Counseling
Psychiatric Psychological Services

Vocational Services

Vocational Counseling

Community Day Services

Phelps Continuing Day Treatment

Legal / Support / Advocacy Services