984 N. Broadway, Suite 400
Yonkers, New York 10701
Contact Person: Jasmine Boyd
Phone Number: 914-359-0429
Website: https://www.myindependentliving.org/
Years in Service: 37
Mission Statement: Onward Recovery is a person-centered, cross-disability advocacy and services organization, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with mental illness diagnoses, substance use disorders and/or disabilities. We support all pathways of recovery.

Disabilities Served

Deaf or/and Hard of Hearing
Developmental Disabilities
Emotional / Psychiatric
Learning Disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Medically Fragile
Traumatic Brain Injured
Visually Impaired
Other Disabilities: Substance Use Disorders

Ages Served

22 to 64, 65 and older

Recreation Services

Other: Support groups

Education Services

Other: Referrals

Transportation Services

Other: Referrals

Housing Services

Other: Referrals

Medical Services

Other: Referrals

Vocational Services

Vocational Counseling
Supported Employment
Other: Referrals

Community Day Services

Other: Referrals

Legal / Support / Advocacy Services

Assessments Lega
School Advocacy
Disability Rights Advocacy
Disability Support Groups
Sexuality Awareness Counseling
Other: Referrals