100 California Road
Mt. Vernon, New York 10552
Contact Person: John R. Moccio, School Counselor, Special Education; Kim Smith & Lucy Rodriguez-Oyala, Co-Supervisors, Special Education
Phone Number: (914) 665-5256, (914) 665-5314
Fax Number: (914) 665-5363
Years in Service: 26 years
Mission Statement: Our mission is to raise the knowledge, skills, and opportunity of all people- students, parents, teachers, and staff- in Mount Vernon High School. In order to accomplish this mission we will maintain alignment of state standards with current curriculum, address the educational and social needs of all students, provide quality professional development for faculty and staff, and expect both parents and the outside community to be actively involved throughout the entire school year. Moreover, students who graduate from Mt. Vernon High School will possess and be able to use the following skills: *To think critically and creatively, *To read, write, speak and compute effectively, *To demonstrate the ability to make the transaction from school to work, *To have the skills necessary for successful completion of post-secondary education, *To understand themselves, their heritage and its place in history and the world, *To appreciate others and act responsibly in a global society, *To function effectively as individuals and as part of a team in the community and in the workplace.

Disabilities Served

Developmental Disabilities
Emotional / Psychiatric
Learning Disabilities
Physical Disabilities

Ages Served

6 to 21

Recreation Services


Education Services

High School
Other: 465 classified students with a current Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) (2005 -06 school year)

Transportation Services

Other: Students receiving f. t. Special Education Services in the "Life Skills II and I" Classes for Developmentally Disabled, M.R. and Orthopedically Impaired (Cerebral Palsy) and Autism - approx. 50 students

Housing Services


Medical Services

Adaptive Technology
Clinical Services
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy

Vocational Services

Pre-Vocational Training
Vocational Training
Other: * if student takes courses

Community Day Services


Legal / Support / Advocacy Services