95 Bradhurst Avenue
Valhalla, New York 10595
Contact Person: Emily Hersh, Superintendent
Phone Number: (914) 347-1800
Fax Number: (914) 592-5484
Website: http://www.mpbschools.org/
Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Mt. Pleasant Blythedale UFSD to create a community for the excitement and love of learning in the pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth in a caring environment. *We will teach basic skills *We will foster creative and critical thinking *We will provide a foundation for life-long learning *We will nourish out students' emotional lives and guide their social development *We will instill in them and appreciation of self-worth, of individual differences, of other cultures and of global interdependence. *We will teach them to face challenge. *We will teach them to manage freedom. *We will help them to develop desired moral and ethical values. All of the above we will perform, so that each child, in accordance with his/her talents and interests, may become a responsible, contributing member of society.

Disabilities Served

Deaf or/and Hard of Hearing
Developmental Disabilities
Learning Disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Medically Fragile
Traumatic Brain Injured
Visually Impaired

Ages Served

0 to 5, 6 to 21

Recreation Services


Education Services

Elementary/Middle School
High School

Transportation Services

Other: *By local public school district

Housing Services

Other: *In patient hospitalization

Medical Services

Other: *All medical services are provided by Blythedale Children's Hospital

Vocational Services


Community Day Services


Legal / Support / Advocacy Services

Disability Rights Advocacy