Greenburgh North Castle UFSD
1700 Old Orchard Street
Valhalla, New York 10595
Contact Person: Ms. Meg Robstad
Phone Number: (914) 949-0665 (ext.225)
Fax Number: (914) 686-1648
Web address:  
Number of Yrs in Service: 20 years

*To serve families needing professional assistance in raising their children.
*To bring the best professional services to the process of positive youth development for all residents.
*To provide a comprehensive learning experience and environment that enables students to acquire the academic and social services needed to be independent and more productive members of families, neighborhoods and communities.
*To offer families the best, highly accessible and professional neighborhood based health services.


 Disabilities Served:

Hearing Impaired   Visually Impaired  
Emotional / Psychiatric   Traumatic Brain Injured  
Developmental Disabilities x Physical Disabilities  
Learning Disabilities x Autism x
Medically Fragile x  
Other Disabilities:


Ages Served:

0 to 5   22 to 65  
6 to 21 x 65 and over  

Recreation Services Provided:

Arts x Team Sports x
Biking x  Tennis  
Camps x Theater  
Dance x Videography  
Horseback Riding   Wheelchair Sports  
Martial Arts   Writing x
Music x Yoga  
Social x Swimming x
Other Recreation: *Bowling


Education Services Provided:

Early Intervention   High School x
Pre-School   Post Secondary  
Elementary School   Pre-Vocational  
Middle School x Assessments  
Other Education:

Transportation Services Provided: *

Public   Travel Training  
Other Transportation: *Day students arrive on school buses


Housing Services Provided:

Group Homes x Supported Apartments x
Other Housing: Residential housing at Dobbs Ferry and Valhalla campus.


Legal / Support / Advocacy Services Provided:

Guardianship   Assessments  
Pooled Trusts   Disability Rights Advocacy  
Supplemental Needs Trust   Disability Support Groups  
School Advocacy   Sexuality Awareness Counseling  
Other Legal / Support / Advocacy Services:

Medical Services Services Provided:

Clinical Services x Nutrition Counseling  
Dental x Psychiatric Psychological Services x
Adaptive Technology   Speech Therapy x
Occupational Therapy   Physical Therapy  
Other Medical Services:

Vocational Services Services Provided:

Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation   Sheltered Employment x
Vocational Training   Supported Employment x
Pre-Vocational Training   Competitive Employment  
Vocational Counseling      
Other Vocational Services:

         Community Day Services Provided:

Day Habilitation   Drop In Centers  
Day Treatments   Psychosocial  
    Pre Employment  
    Supported Education