If independence is the key, come see how you can ride the Bee. Independent, safe travel is a cornerstone community skill, with benefits that are well documented and easily articulated.

  • In addition to the cost savings, it enables the individual to broaden his or her involvement within the community in numerous ways.
  • The flexibility of independent travel helps a person seek more productive employment and take advantage of independent living situations.
  • It allows for greater ease with which to engage in social activities.
  • Traveling independently allows a person to make use of recreational and educational resources available in the community.
  • Independent travel frequently results in a significant improvement in self-esteem that can become an important steppingstone to integrating new skills and trying new activities.

The Westchester County Travel Training Program was designed to teach people with developmental disabilities who have the motivation to learn to travel independently, to use the Bee Line public transportation system.

Training is on a one to one basis and is specifically designed for each individual using a four-phase plan. This approach consists of modeling, prompting, fading and shadowing techniques.

The Travel Training Program is a safe, efficient, cost effective alternative to the Para Transit system. It is a free program sponsored by the Westchester County Office for People with Disabilities and Department of Transportation.

Referrals come from many sources including service coordinators, group home managers, vocational, day habilitation and recreational programs, special education, life skills/school transitioning programs, service coordinators and family members.

For further information, send an e-mail to Anna Masopust, Mobility Specialist, at ammi [AT] westchestergov [DOT] com, or call (914) 995-2959.