If you do not meet the ADA eligibility criteria, you will be informed of this decision in writing within 21 business days. The letter will explain the reasons for denial, as related to the eligibility criteria.

You have the right to appeal the denial of eligibility, the level of eligibility granted or a particular trip on regular Bee-Line bus(es) for those with conditional eligibility. The Office for People with Disabilities handles all eligibility-related appeals.

You must initiate an appeal by contacting the Office for People with Disabilities in writing within 60 days of the date of the denial letter. A letter will then be sent explaining your appeal options. The options are appearing in person with additional information or just sending in additional written materials.

An Appeals Committee will review the original decision made by the Office for People with Disabilities and will make a final decision as to eligibility. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be communicated in writing within seven business days after the appeal record is complete. If a final decision is not made in writing within this period, ParaTransit service will be available at such time as the final decision is made.